Aporostylis bifolia


Aporostylis bifolia
Odd-Leaved Orchid
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
Stem green to reddish-green. Stem and ovary covered in short glandular hairs.

LEAVES: 2 hairy leaves of different sizes. Elliptic or linear. The lower to 10cm in length, the upper shorter. Plain green, or brownish-green with purple or brown blotches.

FLOWER: Solitary. 2cm in diameter. Sepals and petals white or occasionally tinged with pink. Lateral sepals and petals similar in length and shape. Labellum broadly expanded, white with varying yellow and/or brown markings.
Column speckled with green or brown.

FLOWERING TIME: December - January.

HABITAT: Higher altitude Beech forests, sub-alpine to alpine herb-fields, alpine meadows. Also found near sea-level in the lower South Island.


NOTES: There may be 2 distinct forms.
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