Caladenia alpina


Caladenia alpina
Syn: Stegostyla alpina
White Fingers
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
5 to 20cm high when in flower. Slender stem covered in short hairs.

LEAVES: Single leaf, long and up to 1cm wide, usually covered in hairs.

FLOWERS: 1 to 3 flowers, though usually only one or two. 2 to 3cm across. White or pinkish in colour. Has 4 to 6 rows of yellow calli on the broad labellum. Flowers are larger than Caladenia lyallii, with broad oval sepals and petals.

November - January.

HABITAT: High altitude scrub and grasslands.


NOTES: The larger, broader flowers, usually with 6 rows of calli on the labellum distinguish this species from Caladenia lyallii.
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