Caladenia chlorostyla


Caladenia chlorostyla
Syn: Petalochilus chlorostylus
White Fingers
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
To 20cm high. Slender stem covered in short hairs.

LEAVES: Single leaf, long and very thin, green, usually covered in short hairs.

FLOWERS: 1 to 3, though usually only one or two. 1 - 2cm across. White to pale green. Back of tepals with pale stalked glands. Labellum side-lobes and column banded with red bars. Back of column green. Labellum with 2 rows of cream or yellow topped calli. Labellum midlobe white to yellow, edged with numerous marginal calli which can give it a jagged appearance.

FLOWERING TIME: September - February.

HABITAT: Forests and scrub.

CONSERVATION STATUS: Not Threatened. Locally common.

NOTES: Localised variations often occur.
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