Caladenia lyallii


Caladenia lyallii
Syn: Stegostyla lyallii
White Fingers
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
5 to 20cm high when in flower. Slender stem covered in short hairs.

LEAVES: Single leaf, long and up to 1cm wide, usually covered in hairs.

FLOWERS: 1 to 4, though usually two. 2 - 4cm across. White with variably red bars on the labellum side-lobes, lamina and inner column. 4 rows of yellow topped calli on the lamina & down the white mid-lobe with irregular marginal calli diminishing near the apex. Dorsal sepal hooded, often tinged with brown, green or yellow.

FLOWERING TIME: November - January.

HABITAT: High altitude scrub and grasslands.
Also Beech forests in the southern South Island.

CONSERVATION STATUS: Not threatened. Locally common.

NOTES: An extremely variable species.
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