Caladenia nothofageti


Caladenia nothofageti
Syn: Petalochilus nothofageti
White Fingers
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
10 to 20cm high when in flower. Slender stem less hairy than most Caladenia.

LEAVES: Single, long and very thin, usually covered in a few hairs.

FLOWERS: 1 or 2 flowers.
1 - 2cm across. Petals and sepals white or greenish-white with a soft yellow tinge. Labellum usually white, but occasionally with faint pink bars on the side-lobe. Labellum midlobe curled under, with long marginal calli along the edge, and 2 rows of creamy-yellow clubbed calli down the centre.


HABITAT: Montane scrub and well lit Beech forests.

CONSERVATION STATUS: Not Threatened. Sparsely distributed.

NOTES: Resembles a pale-coloured Caladenia chlorostyla.
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