Caladenia variegata


Caladenia variegata
Syn: Petalochilus variegatus
Pink Fingers
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
10 to 20cm high when in flower. Slender stem covered in short hairs.

LEAVES: Single leaf, long and very thin, usually covered in hairs. Lies along the ground.

FLOWERS: One or rarely two.
1 - 1.5cm across. Pale pink with a green tinge in the dorsal sepal. Yellow topped calli on the labellum, sometimes scattered to each side. Labellum side-lobes striped with red. Labellum midlobe with yellow notched edges. Back of the column bright green with pink glandular hairs and a pink anther. Inside of column striped red.

FLOWERING TIME: November - December.

HABITAT: Light forests and scrub.

CONSERVATION STATUS: At Risk - Naturally Uncommon.

NOTES: A larger variation has been recorded and tag-named "Big Pink".
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