Calochilus herbaceus


Calochilus herbaceus
Copper Beard Orchid
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
15 to 60cm high when in flower. Stem blue-green in colour.

LEAVES: Single. Fleshy, long and thick. Very similar to a Sun Orchid leaf. Blue-green in colour.

FLOWERS: Up to 8. Each 2 - 2.5cm in length. Greenish-yellow with red stripes on the petals. Labellum base has 2 violet raised ridges surrounded by red cilia. Cilia along the labellum edge pale in colour. Labellum tip without any cilia. Column wings wide with a dark gland (eye) on either side. Anther prominent, pale greenish-yellow, points forward between the petals.

FLOWERING TIME: October - December.

HABITAT: Wet soils amongst scrub. Sometimes along swamp edges.

CONSERVATION STATUS: Threatened - Nationally Critical.

NOTES: Was considered extinct until rediscovered again in the 1980's.
Previously classed as Calochilus campestris.
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