Calochilus robertsonii


Calochilus robertsonii
Red Beard Orchid
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
15 to 40cm high when in flower. Stem usually reddish near the base, turning green, yellow-green, or blue-green higher up.

LEAVES: Single. Fleshy, long and thick. Red-green near the base turing to green or yellow-green. Forms a V in cross-section. Very similar to a Sun Orchid leaf.

FLOWERS: Up to 13, but usually around 6. Each 2 - 2.5cm in length. Sepals and petals greenish-red with red veins. Base of labellum with short rounded calli. Labellum tip short, twisted and strap-shaped. Beard coloured red to magenta-violet. Column wings with a dark gland or callus on either side.

FLOWERING TIME: October - December.

HABITAT: Poor clay soils in open areas amongst scrub.

CONSERVATION STATUS: At Risk - Naturally Uncommon.

NOTES: North Island: Mainly found in the Rotorua to Taupo area where it favours geothermal ground. South Island: Poor soils from the Motueka district through to Golden Bay.
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