Chiloglottis cornuta


Chiloglottis cornuta
Syn: Simpliglottis cornuta
Green Bird Orchid
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
4 to 10cm high when in flower. Stem erect, green.

LEAVES: Two green leaves lying directly opposite each other.
3 - 10cm long, oval, parallel veined and smooth.

FLOWER: Solitary. 2-3cm across. Sepals and petals green to pale green in colour (occasionally with red tints). Labellum broadly to narrowly triangular, moveable on a short claw, coloured green, brownish-green or red. Central area of labellum with prominent glossy green or reddish-brown calli.

FLOWERING TIME: October - February.

HABITAT: Lowland to montane. Well lit native forests and scrub.
Exotic Pine plantations.


NOTES: Flower stem elongates by up to 30cm after setting seed.
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