Corybas Rimutaka


Corybas "Rimutaka"
Spider Orchid
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
To 5cm high.

LEAVES: Single, 10mm wide, trilobate, variable from kidney shape to orbicular-cordate and mucronate.

FLOWER: Solitary. Usually below the leaf. Dorsal sepal translucent green developing maroon spotted veins with maturity. Lateral sepals to 40mm long, translucent with maroon streaks to dark red; standing erect or out to 45°. Petals to 7mm, filiform, translucent with maroon streaks. Labellum 8mm high, incurved at the opening, mostly dark maroon, almost black with translucent white stripes at the rear, and greenish-white to tawny at the centre surrounding the cleft channel.


HABITAT: Amongst the leaf litter of montane forests.

CONSERVATION STATUS: Data Deficient. Uncommon.

NOTES: An un-named species of the Corybas trilobus group.
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