Corybas craigielea


Corybas "craigielea"
Spider Orchid
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
A tiny taxon of the N. trilobus agg. To 20mm tall to the top of the dorsal sepal.

LEAVES: Petiolate, orbicular, mucronate at the tip.

FLOWER: Solitary, 7.6mm tall x 5.0mm wide, nodding, perfumed. Dorsal sepal forms an efficient hemispherical hood. Labellum sharply cleft in a protruding white centre, with maroon striped edges curling forward to an almost entire margin. The whole interior clothed in 0.2mm translucent cilia. Lateral sepals to 20mm standing up at 45deg, translucent at the base tapering to pale maroon tips.

FLOWERING TIME: September - October.

HABITAT: Wet but firm leached soil.


NOTES: Only one location known. Numerous specimens scattered by a small stream beneath Leptospermum scoparium in the Wairarapa.
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