Corybas cryptanthus


Corybas cryptanthus
Hidden Spider Orchid
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PLANT: Subterranean rhizome flecked red or brown. Lacks leaves and chlorophyll. Saprophytic.

LEAVES: Represented by tiny scales spaced every 10mm along the rhizome, with one at the base of the flower stem.

FLOWER: Solitary. 1.5cm. Usually barely emerging above the leaf mould. Translucent white to pale pink in colour. Dorsal sepal about as long as the labellum. Lateral sepals and petals long, filiform. Labellum margins meet for half their length, then expand out, with the outer margin finely ciliate.

FLOWERING TIME: July to October.

HABITAT: Beech and Tea-Tree forests. Lowland to sub-alpine.


NOTES: Difficult to find as the flowers are buried beneath the leaf litter.
A colourless alba form has also been recorded.
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