Corybas iridescens


Corybas iridescens
Big Red Spider Orchid
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
To 6cm high in flower.

LEAVES: Single, shortly petiolate, orbicular to oblong-oval. Upper surface yellow-green and spotted with dark purple.

FLOWER: Solitary. Above the leaf. 1.5 - 2cm high. Dorsal sepal with prominent dark streaks that give a knobby appearance. Labellum at least as wide as long, surface rough, coloured very dark red, almost black, reflexes back against the ovary, edge ragged, tip long and prominent. Lateral sepals very long (to 80mm) and point upward and outward. Petals nearly as long as lateral sepals.

FLOWERING TIME: August - October.

HABITAT: Very wet moss-covered banks. Lowland to montane.
Favours papa clay, limestone, and calcareous siltstone banks.


NOTES: Very common in the Taranaki to Whanganui Hill Country.
A pale coloured form also exists.
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