Corybas macranthus


Corybas macranthus
Silver Back Spider Orchid
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
4 to 8cm high when in flower.

LEAVES: Single leaf, distinctly petiolate on a long stalk, 3.5 x 3cm, often smaller, orbicular to oblong-oval.

FLOWER: Solitary. Flower usually below the leaf. 1.5 - 2cm high. Large trumpet shaped labellum. Lateral sepals much longer than the petals. Long narrow dorsal sepal. Some have translucent yellow-green, dark crimson-flecked dorsal sepals and a dull green throat in the labellum. Others have a dark red dorsal sepal and labellum.

FLOWERING TIME: October - January.

HABITAT: Damp places from stream banks, ridge tops, and forest floors.
Lowland to montane.

CONSERVATION STATUS: Not threatened. Locally common.

NOTES: Often forms a dense carpet of many plants.
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