Corybas rivularis


Corybas rivularis
Spider Orchid
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
2 to 5cm high when in flower. Often forms large colonies.

LEAVES: Single leaf, 3.5 x 3cm, often smaller, orbicular to oblong-oval. Shortly petiolate, but often wraps around the stem and appears sessile.

FLOWER: Solitary. Flower above the leaf. 1 - 1.5cm high. Dorsal sepal dull green with red flecks. Labellum dark red. Labellum projects forward and well clear of the ovary. Lateral sepals and petals long, filiform, often flecked with red. Petals almost as long as the lateral sepals.

FLOWERING TIME: October - November.

HABITAT: Lowland stream banks, spray zones of waterfalls,
seepages on cliff faces.


NOTES: Previously tag-named as Corybas "Kerikeri".
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