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Corybas sulcatus
Grooved Helmet Orchid
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.

LEAVES: Single, orbicular, 12-20 mm long, 12-20 mm wide, light green with visible veins above, silvery green beneath, apiculate.

FLOWER: Solitary, arising ± halfway along the petiole below the leaf lamina. Most parts dark red, 25-30 mm long, 10-14 mm wide. Dorsal sepal incurved, cucullate over most of the labellum, dark red, lighter and striate towards the base. Lateral sepals erect to spreading, filiform, 27-30 mm long. Petals erect to spreading, filiform, 11-13 mm long. Labellum margins incurved, irregular to denticulate, cream to pale yellow, with a deep central groove.

FLOWERING TIME: September - November.

HABITAT: Chatham Islands. Forests and scrub.

CONSERVATION STATUS: At Risk - Naturally Uncommon.

NOTES: Very similar to Corybas sulcatus of Macquarie Island.
Reported as common on Chatham and Pitt Island.
Photo: Peter B Heenan    
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