Danhatchia australis


Danhatchia australis
Danhatchia Orchid
PLANT: A rhizomatous, leafless saprophytic species associated with Taraire or Nikau trees. Stems pinkish to dark brown, lacking chlorophyll.

LEAVES: 1 to 7 mushroom coloured scale leaves along the stem. Those lower on the stem half-tubular, those higher up open sheathed.

FLOWERS: 1 to 5 glandular-pubescent flowers that rarely open, and then never widely. 6mm in length, tubular in shape. Mushroom coloured with white tips. Self pollinating.

FLOWERING TIME: December - February.

HABITAT: Forests. Nearly always beneath Taraire or Nikau trees.

CONSERVATION STATUS: At Risk - Naturally Uncommon.

NOTES: May exist for years underground without emerging if conditions are unfavourable. Previously classed as Yoania australis.
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