Photo: Eric Scanlen


Earina aestivalis
Bamboo Orchid
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PLANT: Epiphytic. Similar in appearance to E mucronata. Open growth habit forms sparse pieces, rather than dense clumps as in E mucronata. Roots fibrous rhizomes.

LEAVES: Broader than those of E mucronata. Deeply channelled, with a prominent midrib and lateral veins.

FLOWERS: Panicle to 10cm long with many flowers up to 10-14mm across. Pale greenish-cream to greenish-yellow. Labellum yellow-orange to deep apricot in colour. Lemon-leaf perfumed.

FLOWERING TIME: November - April.

HABITAT: Mainly coastal, preferring trees exposed to salt laden winds.


NOTES: Mainly flowers in late summer... later than Earina mucronata.
Almost indistinguishable from Earina mucronata.
Photo: Eric Scanlen    
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