Earina autumnalis


Earina autumnalis
Easter Orchid, Raupeka
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PLANT: Epiphytic. Stems to 80cm long, usually less. Erect if short, drooping if long. Roots fibrous rhizomes.

LEAVES: 4-12cm long by 5-8mm wide. Glossy dark green. Widest near the base, narrowing towards the tip.

FLOWERS: Panicle to 10cm long with 3 to 40 flowers, each 10-13mm in diameter. White and waxy, with an orange rostellum at the tip of the column, and yellow or orange markings along the base of the labellum. The flowers have a very strong sweet perfume.

February - May.

HABITAT: Trunks and branches in lowland to montane forests.
Occasionally seen on rocks and banks.

CONSERVATION STATUS: Not Threatened. Common.

NOTES: The strong fragrance of the flowers often reveals the presence
of this autumn flowering orchid in the forest.
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