Earina mucronata


Earina mucronata
Peka-a-waka, Bamboo Orchid
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PLANT: Epiphytic. Stems to 100cm long, usually much less. Stems usually drooping. Roots fibrous rhizomes.

LEAVES: Narrow and long 6-15cm by 4-6mm. Widest near the base, narrowing to an acute tip. Green to yellowish-green.

FLOWERS: Panicle to 10cm long with many flowers 1cm or less in length. Flowers vary from pale creamy-yellow to greenish-yellow. Labellum can vary from light yellow through to a deep orange.

October - February.

HABITAT: Trunks and branches in coastal, lowland & montane forests.
Occasionally seen on rocks and banks.

CONSERVATION STATUS: Not Threatened. Common.

NOTES: A variable species in both plant size and flower colour.
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