Gastrodia cunninghamii


Gastrodia cunninghamii
Potato Orchid   Huperei
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PLANT: Erect stem up to 1 metre high and 5-10mm in diameter. Coloured blackish-brown to pale brown, often with streaks or spots. Underground tubers large and extensively branched.

LEAVES: No leaves, only scale leaves widely spaced up the stem.

FLOWERS: Up to 70 knobbly flowers per stem. Each 1.5cm in length. Outer side light brown, black or greenish in colour. Inner side white. Column short, located in the back of the flower and not visible. Labellum 10mm long, the tip near the opening of the lateral sepals. Labellum white or cream with a dark brown or black tip.

FLOWERING TIME: November - February.

HABITAT: Lowland to sub-alpine forests and scrub. Often in dark shady places. Saprophytic with various host tree species.


NOTES: May only flower at 3 yearly intervals.
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