Gastrodia minor


Gastrodia minor
Small Potato Orchid
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PLANT: Erect, slender. 8 to 30cm high when in flower. Swollen rhizomes extensively branched. Stem almost black to light brown, often with lighter coloured streaks.

LEAVES: No leaves, only very few small scale leaves widely spaced up the stem.

FLOWERS: Usually 3 to 10 flowers that rarely open. Each 1cm in length. Outer almost black through to dark or pale brown. Inner flower white. Labellum cream or white, enclosed within the floral tube with only the tip just visible. Column short, located in the back of the flower and not visible.

FLOWERING TIME: November - January.

HABITAT: Lowland to montane. Mainly beneath Kanuka, Manuka, Kamahi, Gorse, Spanish Heather and exotic Pine plantations.


NOTES: Very easily overlooked.
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