Microtis aff unifolia


Microtis aff unifolia
Onion Orchid
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PLANT: Smaller and less robust than Microtis unifolia. Later flowering than Microtis unifolia.

LEAVES: Single tubular leaf. The flower stem emerging from within the leaf about one third to half way up the leaf.

FLOWERS: 5 - 30 flowers per raceme. Each 3-5mm in length. Green to yellow-green in colour. The flowers are more widely spaced than in Microtis unifolia. The labellum is oblong, as short or shorter than the petals and lacks the crisped edge of Microtis unifolia.

FLOWERING TIME: December - January.

HABITAT: Widespread in grassland, clay banks, and wetlands


NOTES: There may be more un-named species of Microtis in NZ.
Photo: Michael Pratt    
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