Microtis oligantha


Microtis oligantha
Small Onion Orchid
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
3 - 15cm. Bright to dark green.

LEAVES: Single tubular leaf. The flower stem emerging from within the leaf about one third to half way up the leaf.

FLOWERS: 1 - 10 flowers per raceme. Each 3mm in length. Green or yellow-green in colour. Dorsal sepal short and evenly rounded. Lateral sepals usually point downward. Labellum regular oblong in shape, the margins have a few shallow indentations . Basal calli on the labellum square-shaped, almost the width of the labellum. Pollinia orange.

FLOWERING TIME: December - February.

HABITAT: Predominantly montane to sub-alpine, but also to sea-level in the South Island. Damp hollows in tussock, grasslands, alpine meadows, and turfy lake shores.


NOTES: The smallest of the NZ Microtis species.
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