Microtis parviflora


Microtis parviflora
Slender Onion Orchid
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
10 to 40cm high when in flower. Bright green to yellow-green.

LEAVES: Single tubular leaf. The flower stem emerging from within the leaf about one third to half way up the leaf.

FLOWERS: 5 - 20 flowers per raceme. Each 3mm in length. Green to yellow-green in colour. Labellum regular oblong in shape, narrower at the tip than at the base (tongue-like), and with a smooth margin. Two prominent rounded calli at the base of the labellum. Stigma wider than the column.

FLOWERING TIME: October - March.

HABITAT: Coastal to lowland. Open grassland, clay banks, Kauri Forest and roadsides.


NOTES: Some NZ forms have a notched margin to the labellum, they may be a separate species.
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