Orthoceras novae-zeelandiae


Orthoceras novae-zeelandiae
Horned Orchid, Paratawhiti, Ikaika
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
Stiffly erect stem up to 70cm high when in flower. Robust. Dark green, red-green or brown-green.

LEAVES: Several narrow, pointed, channelled leaves either rising vertically or spreading slightly from the base of the flower stem.

FLOWERS: 2 - 20 well separated flowers per stem. Each 1 - 1.5cm in length. Flower colour highly variable, pale green to dark green, dull red, or sometimes dark brown. Dorsal sepal broad, arching over the column. Lateral sepals long and narrow, usually erect. Tip of labellum rounded.
Floral bract behind the ovary not much higher than the dorsal sepal.

FLOWERING TIME: December - March.

HABITAT: Coastal to montane. Open scrub and clay banks.


NOTES: Distinguished from Orthoceras strictum by the short floral bracts above the flower, and a more rounded labellum.
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