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Paracaleana minor
Syn: Sullivania minor
Small Duck Orchid
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
5 - 20cm. Slender, smooth stem.

LEAVES: Single leaf. Very narrow and linear, 4 - 10cm long.

FLOWERS: 1 - 7 flowers per stem. Flowers upside-down, so that the labellum is uppermost. Flower yellowish-green with red tinges. Labellum covered in raised purple glands. Labellum touch sensitive and flips down when an insect alights upon it. Column 8mm long, forming a cup that the labellum covers when triggered.

FLOWERING TIME: November - December.

HABITAT: Dry soils amongst scrub. Geothermal areas.

CONSERVATION STATUS: Threatened - Nationally Critical.

NOTES: Only one small colony currently known within a geothermal area at Rotorua. Historical records from the Far North and Waiotapu.
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