Prasophyllum colensoi


Prasophyllum colensoi
Common Leek Orchid
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
Usually less than 20cm high when in flower. Stem erect, tubular.

LEAVES: Single. Rush-like. Wraps around the stem, usually about the same height as the flower stem or only slightly higher. Tip often withered.

FLOWERS: Raceme of 5 to 20 flowers. Each 5 - 8mm in length. Labellum uppermost, so that the flower appears upside-down. Reddish-brown to yellow-green in colour. Lateral sepals usually separated for two-thirds or half their length. Column wings about half the length of the anther.
Tepal tips blunt to slightly acute.

FLOWERING TIME: October - February.

HABITAT: High country tussock, grassland, and sub-alpine herbfields.


NOTES: A highly variable species, especially in colour.
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