Prasophyllum B


Prasophyllum "B"
Leek Orchid
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
A tall species, 20 to 50cm high when in flower. Stem erect, tubular, dark green.

LEAVES: Single. Rush-like. Wraps around the stem, often over-topping the flowers.

FLOWERS: Up to 20 flowers. Each 1 - 1.4mm in length. Sepals and petals dark green with purple towards the centre. Lateral sepals at the top of the flower, long and well separated, tips acute. Labellum green, half the length of the lateral sepals. Dorsal sepal long, tapering to an acute tip. Ovary dark green with purple ribs.

FLOWERING TIME: December - February.

HABITAT: Montane to sub-alpine. Very moist soils and shallow water.


NOTES: Dorsal sepal, lateral sepals, and petals longer and more slender than those of the other NZ species of Prasophyllum. An undescribed species.
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