Prasophyllum hectorii


Prasophyllum hectorii
Swamp Leek Orchid
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PLANT: Up to 1m high when in flower, though usually much less. Stem erect, tubular.

LEAVES: Single. Rush-like. Wraps around the stem. Over-topping the flowers.

FLOWERS: Raceme of 5 to 25 flowers. Each 5 - 8mm in length. Labellum uppermost, so that the flower appears upside-down. Sepals yellow-green with red or brown markings. Petals green near the base, turning white with a reddish-brown line down the centre. Outer regions of the labellum white, callus in the middle of the labellum light green. Labellum sharply bent backwards near the middle, margins usually wavy. Strongly perfumed.

FLOWERING TIME: December - February.

HABITAT: Open areas in Baumea / Schoenus swamps.
Often growing partially submerged in open water.


NOTES: Previously known as Prasophyllum patens.
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