Pterostylis alveata


Pterostylis alveata
Syn: Diplodium alveatum
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
To 15cm tall. Slender.

LEAVES: FLOWERING PLANTS: Stem leaves erect, bract-like, and up to 1.5cm in length.
2 - 3 basal leaves in a rosette, rounded, larger than Pterostylis alobula & P trullifolium.

FLOWER: Single. 1.5cm high. Yellow-green with translucent white stripes. Has a prominent rolled lobe at the junction of the lateral sepals. Dorsal sepal with wire-like tip. Labellum dark brown, erect, obtuse. Red markings on the column-wings.

FLOWERING TIME: February - May.

HABITAT: Beneath Manuka and Gorse scrub.

CONSERVATION STATUS: Non-Resident Native - Coloniser.

NOTES: An Australian species recently discovered in NZ.
Has distinct adult and juvenile stages.
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