Pterostylis areolata


Pterostylis areolata
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
7 - 20cm tall when in flower.

LEAVES: Two - four broad, oval leaves. Variable, may be broad, shortly stalked and bunched in a semi-rosette, or sessile and scattered up the stem.

FLOWER: Single, often leaning forward, 3cm high. Green with translucent white stripes, sometimes with orange on the sepal tips. Dorsal sepal down-turned at the tip. Lateral sepals short and turned backwards. Labellum elliptic, the tip narrowly obtuse, flat or slightly constricted. Stigma flat and oval.

FLOWERING TIME: October - December.

HABITAT: Grassy terraces or under light scrub or forest.

CONSERVATION STATUS: Not Threatened. Local, uncommon.

NOTES: A South Island species.
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