Pterostylis graminea


Pterostylis graminea
Grass-leaved Greenhood
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
Up to 30cm tall. Slender. Green to yellowish-green.

LEAVES: Usually 4 - 6. Up to 15cm in length. Deeply keeled, narrow, grass-like, and nearly always erect. Leaves nearly always overtop the flower.

FLOWER: Single. 1.5 - 2cm high. Often tilted slightly forward. Green or yellow-green with translucent white stripes. The back of the dorsal sepal almost white. Dorsal sepal tip short. Petals slightly shorter than the dorsal sepal. Lateral sepals diverge at a narrow angle, tips erect. Labellum wide with a blunt tip, coloured greenish-brown with a darker midrib. Stigma narrow.

FLOWERING TIME: September - January.

HABITAT: Lowland to montane forests and scrub.

CONSERVATION STATUS: Not Threatened. Common.

NOTES: A highly variable species. There may be several taxa.
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