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Pterostylis montana sensu Moore
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PLANT: Up to 30cm tall. Has an overall bronze/green colour.

LEAVES: 2 - 6 narrow, erect leaves. Up to 14cm long by 1 cm wide, but often smaller.

FLOWER: Single. 2 - 3cm high. Green / bronze with translucent white stripes. Flower is somewhat square in shape, with a short blunt dorsal sepal and short, flat (not tubular) lateral sepals. The tip of the labellum is twisted to one side. Tips of the lateral sepals usually curled. Stigma heart-shaped or globular and prominent.

FLOWERING TIME: November to December.

HABITAT: Scrub, grassland, wetlands.


NOTES: There is debate as to which species is the true Pterostylis montana. This is the species described by Lucy Moore in Flora of NZ Volume 2.
Photo: Ian St George    
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