Pterostylis nutans


Pterostylis nutans
Nodding Greenhood
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
To 20cm high. Slender.

LEAVES: Forming a rosette at the base of the flower stem. Leaves 1.5 - 3cm by 1 - 2cm. Margins have an undulating edge. Sparse sheathing bracts on the flower stem.

FLOWER: Usually solitary. 2cm high. Translucent white and green striped. Lateral sepals short and barely overtop the flower. Labellum narrow triangular, strongly arched, sometimes with short stiff hairs. Stigma elliptic and often prominent. Ovary strongly arched forward so that the flower faces downward.

FLOWERING TIME: August to October.

HABITAT: Clay areas beneath light scrub.

CONSERVATION STATUS: Non Resident Native - Vagrant.

NOTES: An Australian species. Historical records from Kaitaia and Whangaparaoa. Currently only one colony known at Waihaha.
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