Pterostylis paludosa


Pterostylis paludosa
Swamp Greenhood
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
Up to 30cm high when in flower. Pale green. Slender.

LEAVES: 3 to 5 leaves, grass-like, and often upright. Pale green.

FLOWER: Solitary. Above the leaf-tips. 2.5 cm high. Pale green with white stripes. Tip of dorsal sepal short, not much longer than the petals. Lateral sepals short, barely overtopping the galea, tips almost flat rather than rolled. Labellum dark green, only slightly twisted. Stigma heart-shaped.

FLOWERING TIME: October - January.

HABITAT: Lowland to montane swamps and bogs. Favours swamps dominated by Wire-Rush (Empodisma minus).


NOTES: Has affinities with Pterostylis montana, and was known for many years as Pterostylis furcata var linearis. Under threat from the loss of suitable swamp habitat. The main known populations occur in the Mt Ruapehu area.
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