Pterostylis pulchragalea


Pterostylis "pulchragalea"
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
Up to 30cm high when in flower. Slender.

LEAVES: 3 to 4 long grass-like leaves, similar to Pterostylis graminea.

FLOWER: Single. 20-25mm high. Green with translucent white stripes. Dorsal sepal tip very long and projecting horizontally forward. Petals much shorter than the dorsal sepal. Lateral sepals erect, often with forward curled tips. Labellum very long, green, arched about 90° and twisted to the right. Labellum midrib very prominent, dark red and extending out from the end of the labellum. Stigma long and narrow.

FLOWERING TIME: November - January.

HABITAT: Montane to subalpine forest in the Central North Island.


NOTES: Previously tag-named as Pterostylis "Blyth".
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