Pterostylis venosa


Pterostylis venosa
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
3 - 10cm tall. Flower stem short, erect, often half hidden by the leaves.

LEAVES: Usually 2 - 3. Up to 6cm in length. Broadly oval in shape, membranous and veined. Yellow-green in colour. Edges sometimes wavy.

FLOWER: Single. 1.5cm high. Green to reddish-green, with translucent white areas. Dorsal sepal tip short, not much longer than the petals. Lateral sepals erect, not much overtopping the galea. Labellum narrow-triangular, arched and protruding. Inner surface of labellum covered in short hairs. Stigma narrow-oblong.

FLOWERING TIME: November - January.

HABITAT: Montane to high altitude forests and scrub with high rainfall.

CONSERVATION STATUS: Not Threatened. Uncommon.

NOTES: Similar to Pterostylis humilis but distinguished by the oval stigma.
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