Spiranthes Motutangi


Spiranthes "Motutangi"
Ladies' Tresses Orchid
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PLANT: 10 to 50cm high when in flower. Evergreen perennial herb. Roots white, fleshy, slender and slightly tuberous.

LEAVES: Several lanceolate leaves around the base of the flower stem. Several leaf bracts widely spaced up the flower stem.

FLOWERS: Raceme of numerous flowers arranged spirally around the stem. Flowers 5-8mm long, tubular. Sepals and petals tinged dull pale pink. Labellum white with sides that often fold over each other to give a slipper-like appearance. Lower flowers wither as upper flowers open.

FLOWERING TIME: December - March.

HABITAT: Lowland. Amongst rushes in ancient Kauri wetlands.


NOTES: An undescribed species only recorded from swamps in the
far north of the North Island.
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