Spiranthes novae-zeelandiae


Spiranthes novae-zeelandiae
Ladies' Tresses Orchid
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PLANT: 10 to 40cm high when in flower. Evergreen perennial herb. Numerous white roots clustered around the stem base.

LEAVES: Up to 10 lanceolate leaves around the base of the flower stem. 5 - 20cm long and 5 - 15mm wide. Dark green to yellow-green, sometimes tinged with red.

FLOWERS: Raceme of many flowers arranged spirally around the stem. Flowers 4 - 7mm long, tubular. Colour of sepals and petals varies from rose pink to red or white. Labellum white or whitish-pink with a white tip.

FLOWERING TIME: January - April.

HABITAT: Coastal to montane. Bogs, swamps, and wet compacted shingle areas. Also recorded from lake margins.

CONSERVATION STATUS: Threatened - Nationally Vulnerable.

NOTES: Populations have declined dramatically due to destruction of its wetland habitats.
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