Thelymitra intermedia


Thelymitra intermedia
Sun Orchid
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
Slender. Up to 40cm tall. Stem often reddish.

LEAVES: Single, arching. V shaped in cross-section, without ribbing.

FLOWERS: Up to 7 slender flowers. 1 - 1.5cm across. Usually bluish to dusky pink. The flowers often barely opening. The back of the column forms one continuous curve. Top of column usually notched in a V shape. White cilia on the column arms is often quite sparse.

October - January.

HABITAT: Lowland to montane. Clay banks, open areas amongst scrub, forests and peat bogs.

CONSERVATION STATUS: Not threatened. Locally common.

NOTES: Also known as Thelymitra colensoi.
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