Townsonia deflexa


Townsonia deflexa
Creeping Forest Orchid
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PLANT: 5 to 15cm high when in flower. Stem erect and slender. Has a creeping rhizome which also bears tubers.

LEAVES: 2 leaves. Leaf at the base of the stem 1cm long, round with crenate margins. Leaf half-way up the stem 1cm in length, elliptic in shape.

FLOWERS: 1 to 4. Each 5mm in length. Greenish in colour with varying amounts of red in the sepals and labellum. Dorsal sepal and labellum broad. Lateral sepals long, pointing downward. Petals much shorter, pointing sideways either side of the column.

FLOWERING TIME: November - January.

HABITAT: Mossy floors in montane to high altitude Beech forest.

CONSERVATION STATUS: At Risk - Naturally Uncommon.
Rare in the North Island, scattered and uncommon in the South Island.

NOTES: Previously known as Acianthus viridis.
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