Waireia stenopetala


Waireia stenopetala
Beak Orchid, Horizontal Orchid
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
8 to 40cm high when in flower. Stem green. Fleshy.

LEAVES: Usually 2, sometimes 1 or 3. Well spaced up the stem, up to 10 x 1.5cm. Fleshy. Dark green to bronze-green.

FLOWERS: 1 - 3 flowers per stem. Each 1.5cm in length. Dorsal sepal yellow-green or green with reddish-brown spots or lines. Dorsal sepal creates a hood that almost hides the rest of the flower. Lateral sepals linear and sharply deflexed. Petals similar shape to the lateral sepals but shorter. Labellum broadly-ovate, and attached by a short claw.

FLOWERING TIME: December - February.

HABITAT: Montane to sub-alpine. Wet, peaty places amongst scrub and herb-fields. Occurs down to sea level in the southern South Island.


NOTES: Previously known as Lyperanthus antarcticus. Locally common in the South Island. Rare in the North Island.
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